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Events in December

WHAT Sim Simma
WHEN 9pm, Friday December 1
WHERE The Lounge

Reggae, Afro, Brazilian

Sim Simma

WHAT Blood or Whiskey
WHEN 9pm, Saturday December 2
WHERE The Lounge

Celtic Punk

Blood or Whiskey

WHAT Square Pegs
WHEN 9pm, Sunday December 3
WHERE The Lounge

Goodtime Blues

Square Pegs

WHAT Candlelit Tales - Women & Warriors
WHEN 8pm, Wednesday December 6
WHERE The Upstairs

Storytelling & Live Music 

Most of us can name the great heroes of Irish legend, or name a few, but what about the greatest heroines? 

Women who fought as hard as their husbands and brothers and sons, women who struggled under curses and captivity, women who rebelled, women who avenged their loved ones, avenged themselves, women who deserve to be remembered!

Join us at The Harbour for ancient tales retold. Some you may know, but from another perspective, some you may never have heard. Tales of strength and tales of softness, and where those aspects meet. Tales that tell of women and all that they were and all that they are.

Doors at 20.00 | Show starts 20.30

Candlelit Tales - Women & Warriors

WHAT Des Hopkins
WHEN 9pm, Thursday December 7
WHERE The Lounge

Dixieland Jazz

Des Hopkins

WHAT ADAM BURKE ‘Name and Shame’ Hardy Har Christmas Special
WHEN 9pm, Thursday December 7
WHERE The Lounge

Adam Burke invites you to join him and a line up of some of his favourite peeps as he brings 'Name and Shame - A Brief Guide On How To Get Offended By Everything' to The Harbour Bar this December.

The show will include performances from some of Hardy Har's most frequent supporters and a special guest MC.

'Name and Shame' explores our love for getting offended and all of the important issues in life like dog poo, parking and pesky protestants.

This show is FREE ADMISSION. Seating is limited, so please arrive early. Card subject to change. ROAR. 

All welcome.

ADAM BURKE ‘Name and Shame’ Hardy Har Christmas Special

WHAT Ben Reel
WHEN 9pm, Friday December 8
WHERE The Lounge

Acoustic, Rock, Blues, Soul, Roots

Ben Reel

WHEN 9pm, Saturday December 9
WHERE The Lounge

Classic Rock 


WHAT The Tiny Quartet
WHEN 9pm, Sunday December 10
WHERE The Lounge

Instrumental Jazz-Pop Covers

The Tiny Quartet

WHAT Session Motts
WHEN 9pm, Thursday December 14

Hybrid of Post-punk, northern soul, Disco

Session Motts