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WHAT Those Responsible
WHEN 9pm, Saturday April 1
WHERE The Lounge

Four-piece Rhythm & Blues.

Never ever learning to read or write so well; being born under a bad sign; other individuals taking our money and spending it on their other man; loving a woman so much it's a shame and a sin; a low-down lonesome feeling; rolling and tumbling, proceeding to cry the whole night long; waking up in the morning with our biscuit-roller gone. Knowing her sister will.

Those Responsible

WHAT Mikey & Dansky
WHEN 9pm, Sunday April 2
WHERE The Lounge

Blues Rock, Trad Fusion

Mikey & Dansky

WHAT Columbia Mills
WHEN 9pm, Thursday April 6
WHERE The Lounge

Rising Irish five-piece, recommended.

The band's name comes from the legendary building based on Dublin’s Quays. In the early 90s the building became a mecca for the illegal rave scene bringing people together from all walks of life and all musical tastes. The diversity of music and social classes is something that has left a lasting impression on the city and has not since been rediscovered since Police put an end to the institution in an early morning raid. 

Based in Dublin and Wicklow in Ireland, the band have embraced the liberal ethos of the Columbia Mills era to both musical tastes and social equality. They have shaped their musical style with a guitar driven sounds and emphasis on electronic foundations. Having released two EPs to wide critical acclaim, their debut single ‘Never Gonna Look At You The Same’ was playlisted on Today FM and TXFM in Dublin and was also picked up by XFM in London. Their music has been described as dark, ambient, emotive but with an almost deep south sensibility.

Think Joy Division playing the Grand Ole Opry.

Columbia Mills

WHAT The Felonies / The Klares
WHEN 9pm, Friday April 7
WHERE The Lounge

Double header. Garage, Indie Rock

The Felonies / The Klares

WHAT Pete Pamf
WHEN 9pm, Saturday April 8
WHERE The Lounge


Pete Pamf

WHAT What Gives
WHEN 9pm, Sunday April 9
WHERE The Lounge


What Gives

WHAT Pete Cummins
WHEN 9pm, Thursday April 13
WHERE The Lounge

Country, Folk    

Pete Cummins

WHAT Nile St James
WHEN 9pm, Saturday April 15
WHERE The Lounge

Soul, Funk, Blues

Nile St James

WHAT Pretty Beast
WHEN 9pm, Sunday April 16
WHERE The Lounge

Rock, Electronic

Pretty Beast

WHAT Easter Monday - 3 Will Tour
WHEN 11pm, Monday April 17:29
WHERE The Lounge

Innovative Collaboration with Paula Cox, Paul Creane, and The Man Whom.

Easter Monday - 3 Will Tour