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Events on Wednesday, November 1

WHAT Candlelit Tales Samhain Special - The Loft
WHEN 9pm
WHERE Live Lounge

At Samhain, it has long been said, the veil between our world and the next flutters and dances in the breezes of the changing season. And on these windy nights, all manner of creatures can slip through, or an unwary traveller find themselves in a strange place. 

We have come to fear Samhain as we have come to fear death, but for a people who saw life and death as close bedfellows, things were not quite so simple, and wonder and terror walked hand in hand. 

Over the years, many tales have amassed of the otherworldly encounters on that day, and this month, we will bring you tales of the meetings with creatures beyond the Veil. 

Free admission | Donations welcome | 
Come early to get cosy like a cat in a sheep skin..

Candlelit Tales Samhain Special - The Loft