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The Hardchargers

“Dirty Blues from Belfast”... Taking Blues/Roots/Rock into exciting mercenary territory from aggressive washboard/resonator driven Roots Music, to provocative raunchy roadhouse style Blues rock. The HardChargers have performed across the island of Ireland since 2009, performing at a stellar list of music & arts festivals, opening for US artists Bob Log III and Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, and Austrailia’s The Beards. A recent Belfast gig prompted the legendary Terri Hooley to describe them as “My kind of fecking band”

Following 2011’s “Bumpin’ and Grindin’” EP, the band released three AA singles in 2013 “Fine and Filthy c/w Just Somebody’s Friend” released May 4th 2013; “Spanner in your Works c/w JoJo” Released July 4th, and “Little Too Late c/w No Stone Unturned” on October 31st 2013.

“Chris Todd has an amazingly authentic Delta Blues voice with an amazing unapproachable vocal range. The band’s sound embodies Southern blues rock, and is also heavily influenced by a rough garage sound.” Paul Verhaege, Keys and Chords Magazine, (NL) 

“With wonderful self-confidence, The HardChargers know their genre and know they are good at it and it oozes out of the speakers. The production has a terrifically warm, live feel to it, making the listener imagine they are sitting at the end of the bar, whisky in hand while the boys strut their stuff” – (N.Ireland)

“Some bands just seem to produce music that is made for us here at Incognito. A good way to grab our attention here is to have a song called “Fine and Filthy”. It does not take long to figure out that the best way to categorize this band’s music is rock and roll. And really, what more do you need? Like any good rock and roll band, the sound of The HardChargers is steeped in the blues. It’s not traditional blues, or even the sort of punk blues of Ten Foot Polecats. It is a healthy blend of blues and rock and roll. “Just Somebody’s Friend” brings Stevie Ray Vaughan to mind, and no I don’t find that comparison sacrilegious” - Incognito Music Magazine (US) 

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