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Square Pegs

A shared love of Chicago Blues, 50s R & B and the blues of New Orleans is the musical touchstone for Square Pegs, something of a 'super group' of great Dublin based players from the worlds of jazz, rock and blues. 

Known for their work with such artists as Van Morrison, Glen Hansard, The Corrs, Damien Dempsey, The Committments, Villagers and many of the biggest names in contemporary jazz,  the six-piece convene when they can between their other musical commitments. 

Square Pegs comprise Justin Carroll on organ, drummer Graham Hopkins, sax player Michael Buckley, guitarist Colm Quearney, bassist Keith Duffy and Cormac Curran on keys.  

Their groove based repertoire make them a great live show - playing music that they all clearly love and enjoy.

(Source: Bray Jazz Festival)

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