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Mark Geary

 Mark emigrated to New York City at the age of nineteen. He found himself in the middle of a thriving music scene, centered around the East Village and the legendary Sin-é Cafe. The creative atmosphere was exactly what Mark needed to jump-start his career as a musician.

Supporting himself by working as a bartender, Mark devoted his free time to honing his songwriting skills, cutting his teeth playing open-mics around the city. Drawing from inspirations such as The Beatles, Nick Drake, Radiohead and Van Morrison, Mark garnered respect and attention from both audiences and fellow artists. He was soon featured on bills with the likes of Jeff Buckley, Joe Strummer, and Elvis Costello. 

Mark’s album 33 1/3 Grand Street, released in 2002, was recorded with a talented group of musicians and an eclectic selection of instruments that grabbed the attention of new fans in the U.S. and abroad. Mark’s next album, Ghosts, brought him critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic and was voted 2005s Album of the Year by the Irish Voice. 2008s Opium continued the trend of showcasing Mark’s considerable talents. His most recent recording, Live, Love, Lost It, NYC, took him back to his New York roots and features songs from all three studio albums recorded live throughout NYC in the spring of 2009. 

Mark has composed the score to several films; 2005s Loggerheads, 2006s Steel City, and 2010s Sons of Perdition. He recently completed work on the score for an un-released Irish film. His songs have been featured on various television shows including One Tree Hill and Bones.

He is currently recording a new studio album.

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