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John Murry

The Tupelo, Mississippi native brings some of the literary heft of his second cousin, William Faulkner, to the table but there’s no mistaking that he’s up to rock & roll business, his sound howling with electricity, distortion, and ornery, primal growl, the rabblerousing spirit of the MC5 and Patti Smith breathing anew through Murry.

For all his jagged edges and shadowy speculation, Murry is at his core a lover and a most dedicated one to boot. For all the muck he’s encountered spelunking the human condition, he’s still intensely aware that for all the endless battles and casual disregard we’re capable of there is nothing as healing, bonding, or just plain humanizing as real love. 


It’s what remains when everything else is washed away, something Murry understands in palpable ways after wandering for years in drugs and darkness, a man who understands the gift of second chances and true contrition. Sure, there’s not enough love in the world and there’s myriad places to stumble in our efforts to care for others in the right ways but Murry makes these questions pertinent and sparks one to examine the quality of their loving and where their failings sabotage their walk towards the light.

from John Murry bio written by Dennis Cook 

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