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Dylan Walshe

Ireland's rising son, Dylan Walshe, an alternative roots artist from Dublin, whose varied palette draws from; traditional Irish and European folk, to North African and Americanised blues, but his sound is his own. He is known for his robust guitar-playing and warm, unique vocal style, where songwriting is his craft and his lyrics are both insightful and poetic.


After many years of gigging, Dylan has finally chosen to take on recording. In July 2012, Dylan suffered a near fatal accident & 2013 saw his return to live performances, performances which went from local to international. Although many independent radio stations from Sidney to San Francisco have had Dylan's unreleased tracks aired on their shows, including many live radio performances over the years, 2013 also saw his first official release on Squoodge records of Berlin, Germany & a new venture with Muddy Roots of Nashville USA is currently underway.

Never one to be easily tagged with generic genres, Dylan has been billed for shows representing a variety of areas in music such as folk, singer songwriter, country, blues, one man band, rock 'n' roll, Celtic & a cappella to name just a few...

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