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Attention Bébé

Hot stepping, side slapping, parcel passing, groin grinding, roof raising fun is what you want, what you really, really want. Would I lie to you Bébé?

Attention Bebe came about after glorious sessions in the depths of the Portobello Massive. Created through a combined effort (or lack there of) of Vanessa Parody, Skee Bop Ba Doop and The Hairy French Man. They've grown since. There's a lot of love. It's very nice. Long live the dream, vive la Bebe. They've risen from squalid, if beautiful, jams in the depths of the Bébé HQ in Portobello, to showstopping gigs at Electric Picnic, headliners at the Twisted Pepper, Whelans, The Button Factory, and monthly residencies at Tripod. 

"This phenomenal 16 piece band rip up all the best tracks from the 90′s and rebuild/rearrange them into more than they ever were. 

Complete with Brass and String sections, Attention Bébé are the ultimate party band and accordingly they had the whole place hopping from start to finish! When the time came and the P.A was shut off amid screams of ‘ONE MORE TUNE!’, the brass section led a musical conga line through the tent and finished it off in style. Go see this band live. Now." - TMFTML

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