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Self proclaimed singer-song-scribbler, Samyel (the artist formerly known as Samuel Vas-Y), brings something utterly different to the Irish music scene. A truly unique style paired with quirky lyrics and charming wholesome subjects. Growing up in France, he began creating music before ever having learnt a chord. Since moving back to Ireland at 11, he has been involved in a number of music groups. Samyel came about when he left the band medium and was enchanted by the freedom that came in writing and performing songs as a solo act.

Samyel mixes the innovative genres of freak-folk, alternative and tropicália, with the story-telling qualities of traditional Irish music. Featuring a healthy balance of the serious and the silly, “his lyrical style seems to have his tongue slightly in his cheek” with songs that deal with the seemingly banal and overlooked things in life; “This isn’t another ‘oh poor me’ singer songwriter, Samuel lets his quirks show and this sets him apart.” 

While Samuel’s voice and guitar are the foundation of his songs, a healthy diversity of other musicians are involved including percussion, bass, electric guitar and trumpet. However no piece ever becomes cluttered. Melodies are trusted to speak for themselves and simplicity is key.

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