The Harbour Bar

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Music is an integral part of The Harbour Bar. With live music on 5 nights a week and multiple performance spaces, we really love music. From Rock, Blues, Funk and more in the Live Lounge, acoustic jams in the Conservatory and traditional Irish music in the Bar: we have it all. 

Music Specs

We can provide the following specs for bands interested in playing at The Harbour Bar. If you have any queries about playing with us, visit our contact page for details on getting in touch!

  • Desk: Behringer X32 
  • 16 xlr inputs 
  • 4 on-stage monitors with four individual mixes available.
  • Microphones:  4 x SM58 / 1 x Beta 58 / 2 x SM57 / 1 x SM57a / 1 x Audiotechnic kick mic / 2 x clip on tom mics / 2 x overhead pencil condensor mic
  • 4 x D.I. boxes are also available and we have sufficient mic stands / xlrs to cover nearly all setups.
  • Production Manager:  Kym Day Hanney. Contact : kymdayhanney[at]
  • Artists must bring all their own instruments / amps / keyboards / drumkits etc and all necessary leads / power cables.

Interested in playing at the Harbour Bar? Visit our Contact page to get in touch

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