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Row-A-Round Ireland 2015

Huge congratulations to Ger Crowley and all the team behind Row-A-Round Ireland​, who finished their 1,000km journey around the country last Saturday!

The crew returned to their starting point at Bray Harbour, and stopped by for a few well-deserved celebratory pints. This epic voyage was undertaken in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland, and the team have so far managed to raise over €75,000!

Please show your support and donate to this worthy cause:

Posted by The Harbour Bar on September 30 2015

Jumper Season

Jumper Season

The crinkly crunch of brown leaves underfoot. The coziness of a decent scarf wrapped round your throat. The late-starting mornings and the long-lasting evenings. 

We've always had a soft spot for autumn here at The Harbour Bar. After the hullabaloo of summertime has passed, and before the rigmarole of Christmas sets in, autumn is a welcome rest. When life slows down a little, the days draw in, and you can pull that warm woolly jumper out of the wardrobe again. 

It's a time for settling down in a big, soft armchair by the fireside, with a warm toastie and a pint of whatever you're having. Curled up like a cat on a sofa, watching the sunlight ebb through a misted-up window, autumn is a time for dawdling, a time for staying inside that little bit longer before venturing out into the crisp, cool air. 

Come taste the best of craft beers with Tom's Beer Club, settle in for a movie with Bray Cult Film Club, or slap your knees along with our regular trad bands. Or - if you're feeling in the mood to learn something new - why not take up a musical instrument? Learn to play tin whistle with Rie or ukulele with Pat.

We hope you'll pop down to us over the next few months to celebrate autumn with us. 

We'll have the fires burning for you.

Posted by The Harbour Bar on September 11 2015