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Christmas at The Harbour Bar

Christmas at The Harbour Bar

Christmas and the Harbour Bar go together like mince pies and mulled wine. Paul O’Toole Snr remembers Christmases fondly, and has many a tale to tell about the festive goings-on in the pub over the years.

One such story is of the annual Turkey Shanghai darts competition at Christmastime. Every December, Paul would buy five turkeys and bring them down to the Harbour, where they’d be hung up in the bar. The locals would welcome the new arrivals, sticking cigarettes into their beaks and having chats with the lifeless birds in the wee hours when there was no one else to listen.

On Christmas Eve, the darts competition was held, with a turkey going to each of the winners. This was all going well, until some ringers caught wind of the competition and came to the Harbour, to beat all the regulars at darts and sell the prize turkeys on to the highest bidders elsewhere.

Unhappy with this arrangement, Paul and the other bar staff hatched a plan - they took the turkeys out to the back and beat them up, toughening up the meat to ensure that the sneaky chancers would have a lot of trouble trying to sell on the bruised turkeys!

Alas, the Turkey Shanghai competition has gone the way of the dodo, and we’re not sure the Food Safety Authority would approve of a load of raw turkeys hanging from the ceiling these days, but there’s still plenty of Christmas cheer to be had in The Harbour Bar.

Come down for a hot whiskey or a pint of whatever-you’re-having, sit yourself down by one of our fires, and enjoy the festive atmosphere!

Posted by The Harbour Bar on December 02 2014