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The Harbour Barber Movember Fundraiser

The Harbour Barber Movember Fundraiser

The Harbour Bar has been Bray’s official Mo Hub since 1st November - if you’ve passed through, you may have noticed some of our barmen sporting a few stray whiskers on their upper lips. After three weeks of hard work, their ronnies are beginning to look respectable, so we invited the fine folk from Sam’s Barbers out to tidy up their ‘taches with a hot towel shave. 

Three Mo Bro men in uniform called in for a quick shave too and told us that, strictly speaking, any facial hair apart from a neat above lip moustache is prohibited in the Garda Handbook, but that a blind eye was being turned to their full handlebars for the month that’s in it. 

The shaving highlight of the evening had to be Pearse, whose beard had reached the venerable age of 43 years without a shave. He had collected money to donate to Movember, and was more than happy to endure a cold chin for this worthy cause. Good man, Pearse!

If you'd like to show support for Pearse's noble sacrifice, you can drop any amount of money into the Harbour Bar in an envelope labelled 'Pearse's Beard Fund' - all proceeds received with thanks and donated to charity!

Dylan Walshe was on hand to bang out a few tunes, as were the delightful gents of the Sea Sharps barbershop chorus, whose a cappella renditions of both old and new songs were a great hit with the crowd. 

All of the men who participated in the event were suitably impressed with their silky-smooth faces after their shaves, and were sent home with some fine grooming products courtesy of Brendan the Barber

Huge thanks to everyone who helped out with the event and dropped a few coins and notes into our donation boxes. Everything raised will be added to our ongoing fund in aid of Movember. If you didn’t make it down, it’s not too late to donate - just visit to pledge a few quid! 

Posted by The Harbour Bar on November 20 2014

Keep Bray Hairy - The Harbour Bar, Supporting Locally Grown Moustaches this Movember

Keep Bray Hairy - The Harbour Bar, Supporting Locally Grown Moustaches this Movember

Over the years, hundreds of different types of facial hair have passed through the doors of The Harbour Bar. From the days when Paul O’Toole Snr served men who enjoyed the white foam from pints of Guinness on their well-groomed moustaches, to nowadays where thick beards have regained popularity and have become a sign of distinction and creativity among men of all ages. 

This year in particular, we’ve seen an impressive increase in the amount of men who sport finely groomed facial hair. We’ve come to understand the time and effort that goes into grooming and caring for any type of facial hair. We want to encourage this great hair revolution by bringing in one of Ireland’s most talented barbers to provide grooming advice and free shaves to all our hairy customers. It’s a chance to make the most of your facial hair from some of Ireland’s best.

On Wednesday the 19th of November, we’re inviting anybody who’s interested in facial hair to come down and feel the satisfaction of a trim or a hot towel shave from the experienced craftsmen of Sam’s Barbers. The event will be in aid of the Movember Foundation, who encourage the growth of facial hair every November to raise money for Irish prostate cancer research and treatment programmes.

Throughout the Month, we’ll be showing our support for Movember with our homemade “have-your-own-moustache” frame at the entrance to the beer garden. Feel free to see what you’d look like with a moustache and drop a donation into our moustache-shaped donation box.  All of the funds raised will go the The Harbour Bar Movember team at The money raised by the team goes to The Movember Foundation who work to improve the care of the 1 in 8 men who get diagnosed with prostate cancer every year in Ireland. Movember is partnered with The Irish Cancer Society and all money raised in Ireland goes directly towards Irish prostate cancer research programmes.

This is an important cause for the wellbeing of men and families all over the country and a chance for our staff and customers, men and women alike, to get involved and have a positive impact on the health and lives of men all over Ireland. So grow that Mo, join our Mo Team ( and help us keep Bray hairy this Movember.

The Movember Foundation – Changing the Face of Men’s Health

Posted by The Harbour Bar on November 01 2014